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About Thinkupman

  • Where can I watch Thinkupman videos?
    You can watch Thinkupman videos on YouTube and on the Thinkupman website.

  • How often are Thinkupman videos produced?
    The pre-production of the Thinkupman animated series is already in development. Follow us on social media and join our email list to receive updates about new episodes, videos, and events!


  • Do videos include closed captions and subtitles?
    All sing-along videos come with animated lyrics that can help kids enjoy and memorize songs easily.


  • How can I get updates about Thinkupman?
    Follow Thinkupman on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest to keep updated with the latest updates from Thinkupman. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!


  • How can I support Thinkupman?
    There are many ways to support Thinkupman’s mission. Aside from supporting financially, you can also volunteer or collaborate with the Thinkupman Team.


  • I want to donate to Thinkupman. How can I give?
    You can donate to Thinkupman through the website using Paypal, your debit or credit card, and through bank transfer.


  • What will my donation be used for?
    Your tax-deductible gift will help produce more Thinkupman videos and resources that will help bring God's light and love to children around the world. 

  • I have ideas! Can I collaborate with the Thinkupman Team?
    We are open to collaborations with like-minded talents. If you'd like to Team-Up with Thinkupman and create something awesome, reach us out at: 

For Parents

  • Is Thinkupman safe for children?
    Every Thinkupman song and video produced is prayerfully considered and studied to make sure it is biblically acurate, inspiring, and entertaining at the same time. With the rise of big entertainment companies actively pushing anti-biblical values to kids, Thinkupman is here to shine the light of truth and provide Bible-based entertainment for kids.


  • Do you have other materials for children?
    The Thinkupman team is consistently looking for creative and innovative ways to reach and minister to children. Follow us on social media to receive updates about new resources coming from the team! 

  • How can I keep my child safe on the web?
    We strongly recommend for parents to get involved with their children’s online activity. Spending time together online not only strengthens your bond and your relationship but also provides the perfect opportunity to teach children responsible online behavior.

  • I’d like to share some comments and suggestions. Can I contact you?
    We’d love to hear from you! You may send us an email at

For Churches and Organizations

  • Can I play Thinkupman videos in church or in an outreach program?
    Learn more about Thinkupman's Terms of Use.


  • Do you have other resources that can be shared with kids at church?
    Watch out for new Thinkupman videos. Be the first to receive updates by signing up for our newsletter! You can also follow us on social media!


  • Is Thinkupman affiliated with any denomination?
    Thinkupman is not attached to any church or denomination. We humbly approach all denominations from the Christian faith and find a common union in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Read our Statement of Faith.

Terms of Use

  • Can I play Thinkupman videos in church or in an outreach program?
    Definitely! You can play Thinkupman videos directly from YouTube and use it as a teaching material for your classes, ministries, and outreach programs. Please take note of these guidelines:

    -Do not edit Thinkupman videos in any way
    -Do not remove parts of videos such as music or clips


  • Can I upload Thinkupman videos on YouTube and other social media channels?
    Please do not upload Thinkupman videos on YouTube and other social media and video streaming sites. Instead of uploading videos, we highly recommend sharing links to our YouTube videos. 

  • Can I embed Thinkupman videos on my website?
    Please reach out to us with the link to your website. Email

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