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Who We Are

Thinkupman is a nonprofit that provides godly, empowering and safe entertainment for kids. 

Through exciting stories, easy-to-memorize songs, and charming animation, Thinkupman teaches biblical truths and values in a way kids can easily understand and apply in their daily lives. 


Each Thinkupman episode is created with the hope that every child would hear about Jesus and grow up loving, serving, and following Him.


We believe that children should have access to faith-filled programming that will help mold their character and raise them into the people God created them to be. 


How It All Began

Thinkupman began with brothers Mo and Won’s dream which was inspired by Won’s lovely wife, Yoon, to help kids grow with unshakable faith in Jesus. Mo is a veteran story artist in Hollywood, while Won is an accomplished businessman. 

One day, they decided to create Thinkupman to encourage kids to shine for Jesus wherever in the world they are! They also invited their friend Jay who produces amazing songs, and Pastor Chan who teaches the Bible, to join the team.

And that’s the beginning of Thinkupman’s exciting adventures! 


Won Yang


Won is a former member of the US Army who was honorably discharged. With the help of God, he started a successful clothing company in Los Angeles and later transitioned his business focus to real estate. He is responsible for managing operations and the overall vision at Thinkupman.

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Mr. Mo

Creative Director

Mo is an experienced story artist in Hollywood who has worked on various projects including Pokemon Tagteam, Clash of Clans, Black Desert, Call of Duty, and Guild Wars. He has a passion for drawing, creating compelling stories, and bringing ideas to life. He is the driving force behind Thinkupman's creative vision.

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Chan Kwak

Advisory Board

Kwak is an ordained reverend under the Evangelical Church Alliance. He holds a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California. He is the lead pastor of One Church in Compton and works with Thinkupman to ensure that their efforts align with the teachings of the Bible.

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Our Process

At Thinkupman, we take on every project with the same level of passion and commitment as a preacher delivering a sermon,

These are the 4 steps we apply when creating our projects:


Our creative process begins by inviting Jesus to take the lead.  We prayerfully consider topics, stories, and themes that are important to kids, and we keep our hearts and minds

open to Him.

 Biblical Accuracy

To make sure that Thinkupman remains true to God and His Word, we consult with an advisory board for biblical accuracy and context. 


The team gathers to share ideas and works together to create your favorite Thinkupman episodes. Every story, drawing, and the song is a labor of love for the Lord and the little children He loves.


We happily and prayerfully repeat this process, keeping God, our mission, and the spiritual well-being of children at the forefront of our minds.

Let's make a difference in kids' lives
one Sing-Along at a time.

The Thinkupman team is open to collaborations! If you have a heart for the next generation and you'd like to team up with Thinkupman, reach us out at

Thinkupman is a registered 501(c)(2) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes.

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