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Thinkupman History

Believe it or not, Thinkupman wasn't always this cute-looking character. In fact, he evolved from looking like a dinosaur to a fully grown man, to a baby with diapers, and everything in between!

Scroll down to see how Thinkupman became the adorable Superhero he is today!

1. Thinkupman "Street Art"

Initially, a range of characters was created with pores on the top of their heads—from Dragons to Dinosaurs, and Sharks! Something that would look "cool" on skateboards!

2. Thinkupman As A Grown Man!

With the urge to share positive messages, Thinkupman evolved from abstract creature into a fully grown man sharing positive life lessons.

3: Baby Thinkupman

A is for Awesome! B is for Beautiful~! This was the initial idea for Thinkupman. To feed positive words to kids instead of the typical Apples and Bananas.

4: Thinkupman Superhero

But no matter how much positivity and life lessons you share, ultimately, what kids (and grown-ups) need is a changed heart, through the power of the Holy Spirit, by believing in Jesus Christ. Thus...Thinkupman, the Superhero, was born!

Well, that was Thinkupman's brief story! I'm sure your life's story is much richer and more exciting than Thinkupman's. What's important is this: God will use your story to bring you and everyone around you closer to God.

So...Keep on Marching~!

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