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Sing, dance, and discover Bible words with Thinkupman!

WHO is Thinkupman?

Thinkupman is a Superhero with the ability to create objects using his imagination! His quest is to teach Christian values to kids using fun sing-along songs.

WHAT is Thinkupman?

Thinkupman is a nonprofit that creates fun, inspiring, and original Christian Sing-Alongs for kids and reintroduces classic hymns that everyone will enjoy and love!


Our prayer is for our kids to grow up following Jesus and learning more about Him through delightful music, timeless stories, and captivating animation. 


WHY Thinkupman?

These days, the internet can be an overwhelming and even dangerous place for kids. Finding shows that are godly, educational, and fun all at the same time is hard, to say the least.

But what if there's a superhero who can inspire kids to be who God wants them to be? A superhero who can be a role model for kids to follow? Meet Thinkupman!


Thinkupman is a charming superhero who loves God and shines His light for the world to see! Through Thinkupman's Sing-Alongs, kids will learn how to live for God, find God's purpose, and be a blessing to others everywhere they go!

WHERE is Thinkupman?

You can watch Thinkupman's latest Sing-Alongs on YouTube or on our website!


You can also follow Thinkupman on social media and be part of his awesome adventures.

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HOW to join

Thinkupman shares Christian values to kids through Sing-Alongs! 

If this mission speaks to you, you can join Thinkupman by keeping this ministry in your prayers and making a financial contribution.

Your donations are tax deductable, and they are used to create more Sing-Alongs that kids and their families will enjoy for generations to come!

Coming Soon

Next Project

The next project in development is

The Lord's Prayer Sing-Along Song!

It's going to be sung by Thinkupman,

and kids of all ages can sing and dance with him!

"The ABC song is super catchy and has education on ABC's and on godly ways. It's very good for the kids to watch. Very good job!"

- Francisco

The Team

Learn more about the Team behind our new favorite superhero, Thinkupman!

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Thinkupman is a registered 501(c)(2) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes.

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